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Take Part 2009

City Synergy took part in this event on June 27th 2009 at Preston Park. amongst 59,000 participants during the day, we started with a tandem ride from the King Alfred to the park and then several of us had the opportunity to ride around the cycle track


Meanwhile our stall in the Market place had a number of visitors through the day


Thanks to everyone who manned the stall and to the front riders for the tandems, thanks also to VC Jubilee cycling group for their support in using the track and for the photographs below which are used with their permission


Web site for Take Part

Keith on Tandem

Pictured above - Keith on Tandem

Chris on Tandem

Pictured above - Chris on Tandem

Paul on Tandem

Pictured above - Paul on Tandem

Ruby on Tandem

Pictured above - Ruby on Tandem


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